“Being some of the participants students with no previous experience in field recording or sound technology and having in mind the possibility of creating a small collaborative map of each city, we decided to get advantage SoundCloud API to design a system that would allow to create sound maps containing the tracks published in any group, by simply adding to each recording, tags including geographical information.

After the final presentation of [Athens Sound Map>http://stadt-geschichten.escoitar.org/map/] in an exhibition of one of the collectives participating in the project, we have just published the mashup under GNU GPL license so anyone can use it.

Our intend for the near future is to continue its development, for example we want to enable the use of Archive instead of SoundCloud. We will be happy to receive workshop proposals and collaboration suggestions to fund further development and for the moment we leave you this tutorial by Xoan-Xil explaning how to use PlayerMap”.

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