Trabajo realizado conjuntamente con el grupo Haarvöl.

“Haarvöl’s three permanent members — Fernando José Pereira, João Faria, and Rui Manuel Vieira — collaborate with Xoán-Xil López, a Galician sound artistic working on field recording and experimental music.

Haarvöl develops cinematic soundscapes, with analogue or digital sound sources weaved in complex and detailed compositions. They have been active since 2012 and have thus far released albums at PAD and Moving Furniture Records, presenting now their first release in Crónica, “Unwritten Rules for a Ceaseless Journey”.

This album documents three pieces composed for dance, commissioned by Ballet Teatro for the play “Revoluções” (Revolutions) by choreographer Né Barros. The work is divided in three parts, embodying formal idealisations of the three decisive layers of time — past, present, and future”.

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