Workshop + Installation en Banquet_nodes and networks.
March 14th-June 28th, 2009

“The works in the exhibition visualize connections of biological, social, and cultural networks, allowing visitors to participate and experience them. At issue is the perception of life as a networked system—from water molecule through to the global ecological system. It is about the examination of human existence as part of this complex, self-organizing and self-maintaining web; as interface between the micro and macroscopic levels, between life’s endosmotic and exosmotic phenomena as well as the interface between the biological, technical, and socio-cultural conditions and developments of human existence. The relationships and tensions between locally coherent social forms, on the one hand, and global social structures on the other, are subjected to critical examination and reformulation. Based on more than thirty digital and interactive projects, the complexity of the network structure as a common matrix can be experienced. In the course of this, new cross links arise that lead from Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s late nineteenth century neuronal net theory to Manuel Castell’s current net-based theory of information society […]”.

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