Listening is one of the best experiences which make us aware of the complex nature of time and of our relationship with it. It also helps us to understand time itself, in the sense that it may be altered by different kind of stimuli. It is by means of the clock hand movement, or by the division of time in days, weeks, months, years, and so on, that we can create an almost unalterable plot which prevents us from our own subjectivity.

Manuel Calurano has depicted this recurring nature of time, in which he takes two different scales as a reference -the annual and the daily cycle- and both are transformed by a compression of time.

Ciclos Sonoros is the result of intensive field recording sessions made in five different locations of the Iberian Peninsula. The aim is to catch their own geo and biophonic features, which are briefly invaded by the human presence, as if it was a line or a boundary. This happens at the end of One-year Cycle #3 or One-day Cycle #2.

Each of the pieces are built over a succession of several sound strokes (birds chorus, insects crowds, deer bellows, cowbells, etc.) which are coated by the acoustics of these spaces through which we can listen to either the scale or the distance and we can even imagine the location of the one who is recording. Sounds melt and juxtapose each other producing a dynamic which allows us to recreate the unique and personal experience of the different landscapes, even though they are all different -water, whether as a swell, running water, or only as a rumour, shows up constantly as the perfect metaphor of the cyclical nature of the world and of the passing of time.

Xoán-Xil López

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